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Bird Migration Walk

Saturday, September 13, 2014 8:00 am - 10:00 am

Bird Migration Walk

Description: Join Wayne Bell on a guided bird walk to scout for early fall migrants and lingering summer residents that may be found in the Arboretum’s fields and forests. Many colorful species will no longer be in breeding plumage, including scarlet tanager and Baltimore oriole.

Special attention will be paid to “confusing fall warblers,” some of which are young birds on their first trip to their wintering grounds. We’ll look for some more common examples, including American redstart, black-throated green warbler, and common yellowthroat. Indigo bunting and blue grosbeak will still be here, but the young should outnumber their more colorful parents. Few birds will be in song, but there should be plenty of ‘chips’ to keep us busy.

The walk is free for members, free with the Arboretum's $5 admission fee for non-members.

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Contact Information:
410.634.2847, ext. 0