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Nature Preschool Program

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 10:00 am - 11:15 am

Nature Preschool Program

Description: Classes are open to children ages 3 to 5. Each class includes a snack and a craft. Classes meet on Tuesdays from 10 to 11:15 a.m.

Crazy for Cattails
September 24

The Arboretum’s wetland is full of fuzzy cattails! Find out why the cattail is sometimes called “Nature’s Grocery Store.” We’ll use nets to look for critters that live among the cattails, make painted cattail prints to take home, and eat crunchy “cattail” snacks.

Discovering Daddy Longlegs
October 1

Peek around the tree stumps at Paw Paw Playground, and you’ll be sure to find lots of Daddy Longlegs! We will learn how Daddy Longlegs are different from spiders, have an eight-legged Daddy Longlegs race with our friends, and make silly Daddy Longlegs out of sweet gum balls.

Tucking in the Garden
October 8

Summer days are long over, and it’s time to get the Funshine Garden ready for a nice winter nap. We’ll tidy the garden beds, gather seeds to store in homemade packets, and look for signs of animals that might be cozying up in the garden for winter naps of their own.

October 15

Come celebrate the beauty of fall as we gather colorful leaves on a forest walk and enjoy a picnic snack under the trees. We’ll learn why leaves change color, jump in a gigantic leaf pile, and make lovely leaf crafts to take home.

White Oak Hotel
October 22

The amazing white oak tree is home to many creatures. Learn about the animals that depend on the white oak for food and shelter, make bark and leaf rubbings of a giant white oak tree, and create lift-the-flap white oak hotels to take home.

Whoooo Goes There?
October 29

What does a Great Horned Owl look and sound like? How about the tiny Saw-Whet Owl? We’ll practice our owl calls and look for owl pellets in the meadow. We’ll also make feathery owl masks and munch on Halloween snacks while listening to stories about the wise old owl.

November 5

Did you know that Astrodon is Maryland’s state dinosaur? Travel back in time as we learn about the dinosaurs of Delmarva. On a nature walk, we’ll look for plants that grew during the age of the dinosaurs, investigating a trail of mysterious footprints along the way.

A-Maize-ing Grain
November 12
Can you believe that the early settlers ate corn 365 days a year? Learn about this native grain, try your hand at grinding corn, and make corn shakers. We’ll eat a popcorn snack and read Thanksgiving stories after looking for wild turkeys in the meadow.

Fee: $60 members, $75 non-members for the series of eight programs

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