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Biophilia and You: Hardwired for Habitat!

Sunday, September 22, 2013 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Description: Ever wonder why so many of our metaphors are nature related? Sly as a fox. Solid as a rock. Stand tall like a tree. Why do we gravitate to animals? Sixty percent of U.S. residents have at least one dog, while 52 percent have a cat. The most visited places in the country are zoos. Why do we find landscape images restful but built environments stressful? What's the answer?

Biophilia, or love of nature, is our natural and, some believe, genetic need to affiliate with nature! Mankind spent millions of years in natural habitats that provided food, water, safety and security, socialization and connection. Now, in the modern age, man has distanced himself from the very environments that facilitated survival, yet it hasn't lessened his need for nature. On the contrary, we need it now more than ever! In this exciting five-session conversation, Royce Priem will lead a discussion of those aspects of nature that build our skills, restore our minds, heal our bodies, and teach our kids. Come prepared to converse and engage in a discussion that will forever alter your perceptions of the natural world and your place in it, and come dressed for movement and fun. We can't simply talk about nature—we're going to interact with it too!

Royce Priem is the principal and founder of Nature and Fitness Systems, dedicated to reintegrating man and movement into natural environments. His own experience with health and wellness propelled him into his current role as an enthusiastic evangelist for biophilia and biophilic infrastructure, working with companies, professionals, and people of all persuasions to re-experience nature through eyes of wonder and imagination, and then to reintegrate nature into their daily lives for improved health and wellness!

The five-session Biophilia! program is offered Sundays, September 22, October 6, October 20, November 3, and November 17. Programs are free for members and free with admission for non-members.

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